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Warning – Major Cyclone may form over QLD & NT

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Warning – Major Cyclone may form over QLD & NT

admin March 20, 2018

ANOTHER cyclone could be headed for Darwin as early as the end of this week, even as the clean-up from Cyclone Marcus goes on.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Graeme King said there was a “moderate” chance the new cyclone would form by Thursday. Mr King said the northeast Top End coast would be most at risk while impacts on the northwest coast could not be ruled out.

“We’ve identified a weak low coming through Torres Strait at the moment and we’re seeing the monsoon trough starting to get more active now through the eastern Arafura Sea,” he said.

“We think that low will continue to track westwards and given the conditions in the Arafura Sea in the coming days it should develop further so there’s certainly the chance of another cyclone forming some time later this week.”

Mr King said forecasters were “pretty confident” the cyclone would form and likely make landfall around Arnhem Land but it was too early to say how strong the possible storm would be.

“We think the cyclone will have most impact over there however we can’t preclude the western Top End experiencing something,” he said.

“We just haven’t got enough certainty yet in the track of where the cyclone’s going to form, all of those things, we’ll hopefully be able to nail that down as we go through the week.”

Meanwhile, the Oz Cyclone Chasers group took to social media to hose down speculation about a catastrophic storm hitting the region.

“We have been absolutely inundated with messages regarding a potential Cat 4 or 5 TC to affect the region next weekend,” the group wrote on its Facebook page.

“While we totally understand your genuine concerns, please note that the majority of weather models are NOT suggesting this.

“Please do not buy into the hype or use just one model run as your source, be alert but not alarmed and use up to date Bureau of Meteorology forecasts as your primary source for any decision making.”

The tropical low is forecast to intensify further into a strong tropical low on Thursday to the North of the Northern Territory in the Arafura Sea. There is a moderate to high forecast risk that the system will become a cyclone during Friday while moving towards the South East. The cyclone once developed will be named Nora by BOM.


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