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Satellite Image for 03-04

Satellite Image

Satellite Image for 03-04

admin April 3, 2018
Tropical Cyclone "Iris" (Category 2) lies over the Coral Sea approximately 325km
northeast of Townsville and is moving slowly to the south. Areas of rain,
showers and isolated storms are affecting the central Queensland coast with more
enhanced thunderstorm activity close to the centre of "Iris". Bands of middle
and high level cloud are streaming away from "Iris" over the southern Coral Sea.

Mid-level cloud with areas of isolated embedded thunderstorms are visible across
Western Australia from the Gascoyne to the Bight. High level cloud is drifting
from this activity over western districts of South Australia.

Low cloud is present on the NSW coast and ranges due to an onshore flow. An
active line of storms is evident further offshore over the Tasman Sea asscoaited
with a low pressure trough.

Cloud over Tasmania is associated with westerly airstream while high in the
Bight is resulting in low cloud about the remainder of the southern Australia

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